Mandy musgrave dating

I’m the same girl that was the captain on our volleyball team and track.” I was that person, so it’s hard, I like that they’re all supportive. A lot of people can say that about their show, because no matter how dramatic a show is, there is someone out there going through it.

I just had a friend call me up and say how proud she was of me that I’ve followed my dreams. Our show contains so much of what’s going on in life, especially in LA, because there are a lot of gay people and lesbians.

He said it was because he watched what Spencer and Ashley were going through and it’s so nice to know that I can portray a character like his sister so they can re-bond. But, there are some very beautiful lesbian women out there and some very, very masculine gay men that I thought were straight that I was hitting on. You know how some people will talk about black people and they’ll whisper the word black. Just like they call us white people; it’s no big deal. ” Talking about it openly is no big deal, it’s like a straight person talking about being straight. I am so flattered at the fact that I’m a role model.

That they could realize what’s going on in her life is not worth losing any relationship over. I try to not prejudge people but I did when I would see women and I’d be like, “She’s gay, she’s gay; you can tell.” Then, from being around all of these women on set, I thought a lot of them were straight. Speaking openly about it is what makes it more comfortable. That’s really opened my eyes up to it and I really like that a lot. I feel like I am so picky and I’m young, I just turned twenty. The fact that people are looking up at me and saying thank you so much for helping me through my situation and for being so outspoken and taking that challenging role.

What does it matter who they like or who they are going to date, they’re still the same person.

They just told you they don’t want to date Susan, they want to date Sam, why does it matter? I think it helps teens learn how to open up and express themselves.

When they're in the classroom, after Madison says "Why do I get lumped in with them?

" and then Sean begins talking, watch closely above his head.

Now everything that was so important to her, she is losing, and you see that she’s spiraling down and down.They are gorgeous women and they are lesbians or bisexuals. If I ever get down I look at my Myspace or emails and people always cheer me up by letting me know I am what is helping them make it through.Sometimes I get caught up in it and people will come to me and say, “I don’t know what to do, it’s really hard, I want to come out but I am scared.” I try and give them advice as my character and also in the best therapeutic way possible.That it’s okay to experiment if that’s what they’re feeling inside.A lot of people have been saying we’ve been turning viewers gay and I’m like, “No.Some of my closest friends now are lesbians and I can’t believe I am fortunate enough to have them in my life.

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