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USI has written the letter jointly with other ​leading civil society organisations including the National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI), the Abortion Right’s Campaign (ARC), the Coalition to Repeal the 8th Amendment, and Amnesty International Ireland, who are​ advocating for the repeal of the Eighth Amendment and the introduction of legislation mandating women’s and girls’ access to safe abortion in Ireland, in line with global and European good practice.And finally, he stood on the floor of the General Assembly and led the fight against a transvaginal ultrasound mandate, which would’ve required all women seeking an abortion to undergo an invasive, medically-unnecessary procedure first.“Each of us possesses our own gender story, even when it might look similar on the outside, and we all take extremely varied paths to our own gender endings.THE USI HAS WRITTEN TO THE JOINT OIREACHTAS COMMITTEE ON 8TH AMENDMENT AHEAD OF CRUCIAL VOTE ​The Union of Students in Ireland has written to all members of the Joint Oireachtas committee examining the 8th amendment, regarding the Committee’s final decision-making process.To address this gap, The Institute for Inclusive Security and The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of the Armed Forces (DCAF) published this innovative guide for women in civil society that provides concrete steps on how to develop a security sector that is effective and accountable to the people.The Guide is written for women who have not formally studied security or worked with the security sector and draws on varied experiences of women in civil society from across the world.

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“It might, hopefully, help to chip away at the ridiculous idea that there is any one typical or monolithic trans narrative,” says Coyote.Despite a range of international laws and policies mandating women’s participation in security sector reform (SSR), women’s experiences are often discounted or overlooked.Women in civil society can also find themselves outside of discussions about security because they are not sure how they can engage.Norway was the first country to implement mandatory quotas in 2008.The adjustment was not initially well-received; however, support for the mandate increased as corporations began to reap the benefits of women leadership.Vancouver-based Coyote, the author of nine other titles, was busy as an in-demand spoken-word performer and writer-in-residence at Western University in London, Ontario.

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