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In no particular order: 1) Getting laundry done by a friendly Balinese family, three minutes’ walk away.

They charge 15 or 20 US cents per piece, folded and neatly bundled for next-day pickup. Not only do people come from all over the world for everything from short visits to moving to Bali outright, people come from every corner of the Indonesian archipelago for the money-making opportunities in Bali, or simply to vacation.

Bring an unlocked phone and you’ll find 4G/LTE service in much of Seminyak and elsewhere in 2018 too, via Telkomsel, XL and other carriers.

About 180,000 rupiah gets you all set up with a local SIM card and a 1.5 GB data top-up every month is just 53,000 rupiah.

5) At night in the rainy season, sitting at the computer surfing the planet with my cat on my lap, or just sitting in warm humidity on the balcony, listening to the late-night torrents.It suggests a life you might–being still alive–still live.For me years ago, the word ‘expat’ meant being Arthur C.But when an old friend came to visit us in Bali recently and mentioned with just a hint of fraternal sarcasm, “Hey you’re an expat now”, it got me thinking. A 21st century expat moving to Bali or elsewhere in Southeast Asia can enjoy the exoticism of his chosen location at a very low cost of living without many of the attendant inconveniences, deprivations or even dangers endured by those iconic figures from another time. Still, chatting with friends worldwide, cheap flights to Singapore for a visa run and authentic masala dosa, or taking time to work on an online business idea are all activities I wouldn’t swap for doing it the way they did 50 years ago.I bought my little base here in 2005 and have been living in Bali nearly continuously since mid-2008. Being a Bali expat is an exercise in having it both ways, sometimes almost embarrassingly so.10)Taking spur-of-the-moment flights to interesting places. I start every day in Bali knowing that if I got the urge I could wake up the following morning in any one of a hundred interesting cities, watching the world come alive in Chiang Mai, Kovalam Beach in Kerala, Ho Chi Minh City, Penang, etc. If you’re coming to Asia from Europe or the United States it would be difficult to see too many of the places you’ve “always wanted to visit” without taking a six-month sabbatical and aggressively connecting all the dots.

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