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2038, passing Phu Wiang and the national park unit 1 (Pak Chong Phu Wiang), for 38 kilometers.

You will arrive at Phu Wiang National Park at the Pratu Ti Ma hill.

Admission fee is 200 bath for adults and 100 bath for children.

Facilities provided for the tourists include restaurants, accommodation and an area for camping.

Indeed, nobody had formerly ever though the Isan plateau was once home of dinosaurs.

Until 1976 when a uranium survey team discovered a piece of fossil, which was examined by French specialists and declared that it was a left knee bone of a dinosaur.

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This national park always reminds tourists about dinosaurs.

It takes an hour to get there by car and four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended.

In many sites, geologists found fossils of dinosaur babies, small crocodiles and mussels dating back to 150 million years ago.

Natural attractions in the park include waterfalls and field of wild flowers.

Namtok Thap phaya Suea is a small waterfall near to Tham Famue Daeang.

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