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It’s very unlikely this would happen, as the situation would need to be very serious.Bristol – Research and Evaluation Officer For more information about these vacancies, please call the organisation advertising the job and not Women’s Aid National Office.For application packs or more information contact or download forms from our website.Please specify you are interested in applying for the SARSAS Shift Supervisor role.To decide if and how we might be able to help meet your health and social care needs – including any support you may need as a carer – we will have to gather and record personal information about you.We may need to share this information with other services and organisations involved in planning and providing your care, to avoid any confusion about who is providing what, and make sure you receive all the help and support you need.Closing date: 16 Salary: Point 18, £18,070 Hours per week: 33.5 Contract: Permanent Location: Bristol Would you like to join the largest provider of women-only services in Bristol bringing innovation, expertise and extensive experience?

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Successful candidates will be responsible for the support and safety of our service users.

The main objective of the role is to ensure that SARSAS volunteers are resourced to provide information, reflective listening and emotional support to survivors of sexual violence and abuse, and concerned and caring others during helpline shifts.

Other responsibilities will include reading and responding appropriately and effectively to survivors accessing SARSAS support via the busy E-support service, to attend and supervise helpline shifts, providing support to the helpline and one to one volunteers, ensuring volunteer support workers are resourced, able to debrief and that safeguarding policies and procedures are understood and followed.

If Social Services needs information on your finances, to assess any charges you may have to pay towards social care services, this information would not be shared outside Social Services.

We may also use anonymous information about you to help plan services.

If you are a carer, records would include your name and contact details, along with details of the person you care for, information about the help and support you provide to the cared-for person, and details of any problems or difficulties you may be experiencing, and support you may need to continue in your caring role.

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