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Scientists of different nationalities in this field use Lithuanian as their language of communication at their conferences!

Melodic and pleasant to the ear, Lithuanian may appear to be a real mind bender because of its conservative character.

It doesn’t have articles – the connections between words are expressed by declining the endings.

We have 5 noun declensions, with 7 singular and plural cases in each declension. However, for example, our tense system is simple in comparison, and learning to read Lithuanian is not difficult.

Lithuanian is a beautiful combination of old and new, an ancient language with a modern wardrobe.

So do you want to get a taste of it and try it out yourself?

Today Lithuanian is the only official state language of the Republic of Lithuania (and from 2004 one of the official languages of the European Union), protected by special institutions and defended by the Law on Language.

Though very archaic, it serves all the needs of contemporary Lithuanian society.

For those who wanted to hear how the ancient Indo-Europeans spoke, famous 19th century French linguist A.It could have very well disappeared in the margins of history for all times from the language map of Europe, just like Lithuania itself from the geographic and political face of the earth.Often it was forced to make a decision to “be or not to be”. Have fun chatting with people from all over the world.Free chat in which you can do the following things- Chat for free with all kind of people.Essentially it is read as it is written, one just has to know the sound of each letter.

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