Leonardo dating

Several small towns scattered through central Italy far from usual touristic routes...

Here is the precinct straight in front of the altar, with round mosaics on the floor, where stood on their knees our young heroes Romeo-Leonard and Juliet-Olivia, slightly scared by their own resolution. Feeble electric lamps lit images of Saints on the wall and Madonna's on the apse, in front of which was Juliet's death-bed. We would have liked to stay there and dream a little longer, but we had to visit also the town.

Only long time later we learnt about the places where the filming took place indeed.

To visit these locations seemed to us an unrealizable dream.

Before entering those sacred vaults we chose to walk around.

Gusts of wind slashed our clothes, swelled our hair, though the sun was shining gently. In the movie, by that arch passed with his donkey Friar John sent by Laurence to Romeo with the fatal letter.

Long ago, still in our school days, we saw for the first time Zeffirelli's movie "Romeo and Juliet" and it stayed with us forever, becoming the basis of our enthusiasm for Italy, interlacing it with our personal life.

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