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Even if it means just sitting together while getting some work done, you will be academically productive and feel the comfort of your significant other’s presence. By dating a law student, you are almost guaranteed to find someone who can entertain you with thoughtful ideas and interesting conversation. Noah is a sophomore at Ohio University studying journalism strategic communication with a primary focus on advertising and public relations. Which law schools have the highest median LSAT scores? A few short study breaks for chatting or a meal are perfect as well. He is an associate for Im PRessions, as well as a photographer and active member of Backdrop Magazine at Ohio University.

Scores of single law students are asking themselves if there is even time to start dating or maintain a healthy relationship with another law student while in law school? It is easily possible to have a relationship while staying on top of academics if you use time management skills and find creative ways to make more time for that special someone. Facts and details are crucial to any case and always remembered. Law school and love have something in common: they both are demanding and time intensive, yet totally worth it in the end.

Throwing Caution to the Wind It's safe to say that, in general, many will frown upon and deter you from dating another law student.

But, if you just can't fight those feelings and are willing to take the risk of eating where you do your other business, then, by all means, throwing caution to the wind is also your decision. Maybe you'll soon be asking the larger question of whether lawyers should marry each other.

A good general rule of thumb to go by is: keep all your dating matters private.

Communicating Your Needs Communication is key in all relationships, but especially ones that occur during law school.

We went to school fighting and we were feuding right up until class started. [I can only imagine what the people behind me were thinking as I tried to surreptitiously glance over my shoulder at her to get some sort of feel for what she was communicating to me] When the person that you are dating is 20 feet from you, I could not resist the urge to finish what we had started. One of things that I took issue with is my friends, who were friends with her friends, would catch wind of something and then run to me to find out the truth (sound like high school yet? Hands down, this was the worst breakup that I have ever been through.5. I'm not going to say that you have only one shot at succeeding in your 1L section. Go out, be fruitful, and pray that you don't multiply.

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