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There could be a great independent film with a great script and a great cast that needs me to do nudity and is there for a point or has artistic value then I will. The thing is that I’m not going to say no right now to opportunity.I don’t know what I call them, because I can’t quite accept them as my colleagues. I’m not beyond that debate, but A) it won’t take place while I’m dressed like a storm trooper and B) not while I’m surrounded by thousands of people. CHRIS NEUMER: I’ll send you the bill, but I warn you, I’m so good, it’s going to be pretty high.I was talking about this earlier today: a reality TV show focused on a booth of hot women down at San Diego’s Comicon. You would never have anything to do with this scene if it weren’t in your contract, as evidenced by the fact that you don’t know what they are. You’ll hear a lot of the same questions over and over and over again. LAURA RAMSEY: (laughs) CHRIS NEUMER: Have you done a lot of interviews at this point?He famously left her in 1999 for Angelina Jolie, with whom he had a tumultuous three-year marriage.But as stated before, Dern is riding a career high and has been in a number of other high-profile projects this past year, including Showtime’s “Twin Peaks,” Netflix’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” and the movie “Downsizing.” Meanwhile, “House of Cards” icon Wright, 50, reportedly spent the holidays in Lake Tahoe with a handsome executive for the French fashion house Saint Laurent.In terms of off-screen, both women have recently been romantically linked to attractive younger men.Dern, 50, is coming off an Emmy win for “Big Little Lies” and is co-stars as heroic Vice Admiral Holdo in “The Last Jedi.” She’s also reportedly dating former NBA star and former Golden State Warrior player Baron Davis, 38.

LAURA RAMSEY: I would never do something like that. ” LAURA RAMSEY: Kind of, yeah, because you lose creative interest.

But one of the things I want to ask you, and don’t slap me or tell me to go to hell, but have you ever come across any instances like that on the casting couch? He did , and he did a lot of other things, but was renowned for bringing in actresses and telling them, “You do this, you get the part.” It was college hottie #1 in the credits, but he was renowned for doing that. Is there anything that surprised you, like how old are you now, 22, 23? CHRIS NEUMER: Is there anything that surprised you? Whenever I need to go out there to audition though, uh oh. LAURA RAMSEY: We’re coming through there on a press tour soon.

LAURA RAMSEY: I definitely heard about that, but I never knew that’s what it was called. First of all, I have a really bad guilty conscious, you’ve got to work to get where you want to go, in any case, in any job. I’ve heard that it’s happened, or things like that go on, for sure, and they never end up getting the job anyway, right? Like, I never realized that I could just call up and get DVDs. And now I look back and I think, how didn’t I know that? LAURA RAMSEY: Honestly, I’m still learning everything. I’m literally from a town of 800 people, there’s no stoplights and one gas station. I can retreat to my house and it’s super cool and really cute. And we’re going to the Mall of America in Minneapolis. LAURA RAMSEY: Growing up I was always like, “I want to go to the Mall of America! CHRIS NEUMER: This is a little thing that you’re finally able to accomplish–even if it is only going to the Mall of America–thanks to your acting.

I try to keep my distance, but sometimes a friend of mine will be in town working on one and I’ll go. The first time, someone will ask you, “What was it like working with ____” and you’ll say, “He’s an interesting guy and a good actor. LAURA RAMSEY: I’ve done a lot, but not like extreme amounts of them. CHRIS NEUMER: Somebody told me that he liked the phone a lot more because he had to do much less to get ready. On the off-chance I do phone interviews, I always ask people now if they’re clothed.

The last time I was at one of these conventions, I met up with an attractive female friend of mine and hung out with her in the booth. I enjoyed riffing with him and he kept things lively on set, which really aided our chemistry together. CHRIS NEUMER: Do you have a preference on the type: phone vs. LAURA RAMSEY: With the phone thing, it’s okay, but I feel like in person you get more out of something.

When I went to go get something to drink, I had about three guys coming up to me to ask whether or not I could hook them up with my friend. We both believed in this project, as our paychecks will confirm, and I couldn’t have asked for a better co-star.” The 30th time you hear that question, it’s, “It was great.” Have there been any things that your team of agents, managers and publicists have warned you about? First, has your publicist coached you about things and secondly, have your agents and managers advised you to steer clear of any projects or types of directors? CHRIS NEUMER: And sarcasm doesn’t always come through over the phone. Yeah, I’d be talking to you and you’d make one Hitler joke and I misunderstand and the next thing you know, that’s the lead.

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