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There could be a great independent film with a great script and a great cast that needs me to do nudity and is there for a point or has artistic value then I will. The thing is that I’m not going to say no right now to opportunity.

LAURA RAMSEY: My agent and manager guide me, but it’s a team thing. Let me preface my next question with a story: I did a story on Jenny Mc Carthy to make my friends jealous. If a guy came up to you on the street and asked you any of those, you’d slap him. I’ve never been coached on what to say or not to say. Any funny stories involving doing coke with Gary Busey? CHRIS NEUMER: I’m sorry, the correct answer to that question is, “I’ve never done coke…

In terms of off-screen, both women have recently been romantically linked to attractive younger men.

Dern, 50, is coming off an Emmy win for “Big Little Lies” and is co-stars as heroic Vice Admiral Holdo in “The Last Jedi.” She’s also reportedly dating former NBA star and former Golden State Warrior player Baron Davis, 38.

There’s nothing like the magazine questions, asking you what kind of underwear you wear when you go to bed, nothing like that. CHRIS NEUMER: I hate this unholy city and everything in it. Oh, that’s grim.” My company is even called Grim Entertainment. LAURA RAMSEY: Well, I’m corporate now, so I got to choose a name, and that’s what I chose. Is there anything that was particularly strange to you about the nature of the business? LAURA RAMSEY: I’ve actually gotten that before: they think I’m too pretty for a role. I tested for a movie that just did really well and they wanted to have someone with brown hair and all that. There are so many girls and there is so much competition. I feel like–here comes my guilty conscience again–I feel like as long as I’m religious, I feel like God’s watching over me and it sounds really weird, but I feel like whenever someone else gets something that I didn’t, I feel like there’s a reason for that. If they get something, I’m happy for them because it wasn’t meant for me, so whatever I get is great. If I don’t get something, I figure God hates me and is punishing me. CHRIS NEUMER: I got sun burned jogging on the beach the other day.

It’s just about whether you find dating actors hard. Back in the day, there used to be the kind of thing where, “If you sleep with me, I’ll give you the part.” That’s why they call it the casting couch. CHRIS NEUMER: This is the acting world equivalent of this situation: I’m talking to my daughter, she’s 18, and I say, “Have you ever had sex? ” A) I can’t believe you’ve never heard of this, and B) this is pretty cool. Like Don Simpson, he was Jerry Bruckheimer’s producing partner until he died in ’95. Here, it’s like the cheating on the wives, and all that stuff. Like maybe a thank you after the interview was just as important as the interview, not wearing Ugg boots to something, anything like that? CHRIS NEUMER: So it’s not something where you’re like, “Lacey Chabert, you bitch, I can’t believe you got that part! LAURA RAMSEY: (laughs) But you’re out here writing and doing what you love. CHRIS NEUMER: I’m actually still up in Chicago, I just come out here every other month or so. LAURA RAMSEY: I love the weather and I love Laurel Canyon, the country store is the best. CHRIS NEUMER: That’s the way I feel about where I live in Chicago.

Chris Neumer speaks to up-and-coming actress Laura Ramsey to get the inside scoop into her rise to fame and path in the future. LAURA RAMSEY: I guess not a lot of weight, but if I played a heroin addict, I’d do something. LAURA RAMSEY: To play someone with no makeup and a character who is natural.

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