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No one disputes the seriousness of teen dating violence but how teens abuse each other has become a very important part of any teen dating violence case.

The impact of digital communications in abusive situations can be difficult for court officials to assess.

[i] Stefani Langenegger, Regina Police Fail To Take Domestic Violence Threat Seriously, Dec.

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Other offenders may not even realize that digital activities can be a crime, or that encouraging others to harass or threaten the victim online can be also be a crime., it can be tempting to see victims as responsible for their own problems with technology.

Real or threatened public exposure of information or threats can be used by offenders to increase their leverage over victims, inhibit help-seeking and further isolate the victim.

Offenders also may have encountered judges who didn’t take digital contact seriously.

Offenders may realize that while a phone call can be ignored, a digital message can often get through to the victim.

The ephemeral quality of texting and social media may make it difficult for victims to show possible breaches of a protection order.

Victims may continue to use technology despite online attacks or threats, fearing the consequences if they block an offender’s messages or phone number.

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