Judge dating teen

Even if they did hear from judicial officers who understand the import of these new tactics, some offenders don’t realize that “anonymous” messages are traceable.

It was, and is, very sad to me that while these children are supposed to be focusing on the challenge of adolescence, they were instead grappling with the violence caused by their partners.(Throughout this article the pronoun “she” is used, although victims of teen dating violence can be both male and female.As with adult domestic violence, teen dating violence is a gendered phenomenon and there is a substantial overrepresentation of young teen girls who are victims of dating violence.) This February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness month, and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) will be highlighting the importance of youth victimized through dating violence.In the case of dating violence, the power to misuse digital technology lies with the offender, who will use it to promote his or her goals of fear and dominance.It is the role of the court to recognize and curtail the abuse of those powers when dealing with a case involving teen dating violence.Victims may continue to use technology despite online attacks or threats, fearing the consequences if they block an offender’s messages or phone number.

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