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The real question comes down to why in all creation would a 30 year old model want a 60 year old man. If you talk to the same girl for some time, they give you her number or email, so you can chat outside the service.

The reasons are obvious assuming she is real - $ or a ticket out to the good old U. VB is one of true dating services that charges a normal price for a membership and messages.

I read a lot of good feedbacks from Victoria Brides users and it got me interested in trying the service. They have a great choice of girls and excellent customer support that ready to help you at any time of the day and night.

My trip to Ukraine was coming closer, so I decided that I would like to find a woman who I want to meet and spend my free time.

So if she sends a mail with three images, that just cost 20 credits and if you reply that is another 30. The mail has a max capacity of 3,500 characters (that is characters not words) and the text window 300. If you attach a photo (something women request a lot) it will cost 10 credits in chat and free as attachments on messages.

I paid a lot of money to meet a nice girl but all my attempts were a total waste of time and money.

Some people here say that you have to travel to the girl's country at your expense seeing it as a problem.

I can't spot anything wrong because it's more convenient for both if a man comes to where a girl lives.

I think it's cool if you can find a girl, chat with her, establish a kind of relationship, and meet her while you travel or come or business to where she lives.

I hope this review does not get too wordy but is wort mentioning somethings that are not real and some that are.

It seems the real women, if any, will send you a selfie with their children.

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