Jimmy kimmel dating coworker

“Give us a minute.” He also addressed the noticeable absence of exiled producer Harvey Weinstein, saying that Weinstein was only the second person ever expelled by the Academy, after a guy caught sharing screeners.

The poor guy “got the same punishment as Harvey Weinstein for giving his neighbor a copy of on VHS,” Kimmel joked. and it starred Mel Gibson.” But he did signal a positive note, declaring that “if we can work together to stop sexual harassment in the workplace…

Kimmel says he’s “terrified” of interviewing Letterman, “and I’m sure for him it’s nothing more than a nuisance, that he’s just doing it to be nice.” Or maybe he’s trying to be magnanimous in advance of January 8.

That’s when Kimmel’s show will move from midnight to p.m., putting him in direct competition with both Letterman’s Late Show and Jay ­Leno’s Tonight Show.

“He knows you know he’s not out of the country on business.

And just the words ‘on business’—it really makes it a perfect letter for me.” Ten years later, they aren’t exactly friends, but Letterman has finally agreed to do Kimmel’s show.

“I just did not pull it off.” Even Russell is able to joke about the situation, referring to it as a “Chia pet vibe.” While Kimmel tried to pry at Speedman’s “disaster of a boyfriend” claim, all Russell would share is, “a young 20s boyfriend is a called a disaster of a boyfriend.” It didn’t affect their friendship, and Kimmel even noted the two have a sibling-like dynamic. “His response is hilarious,” says Kimmel, who in interviews back then claimed that the only reason he went into show business was to become friends with Letterman, and wondered why anyone would watch his show instead of Dave’s.“He’s not out of the country on business,” says Kimmel.On a shelf of prized possessions in Jimmy Kimmel’s Los Angeles office—next to a photo of his late grandparents, and one of himself covered in whipped cream taken during a bit in which he popped a fake zit on Jon Stewart’s forehead—sits the best rejection letter the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! It’s framed, typed on personal stationery, dated September 23, 2002, and reads: “Dear Jimmy, Thanks for asking me to appear on your premiere.Unfortunately, I will be out of the country on business. Sincerely, Dave.” “Dave” is David Letterman, whom Kimmel has idolized since he was 11, and he was rejecting an offer to be the first guest on Live’s debut episode.The two explained her “Chia pet” haircut was a real story point in the show. The term Felicity became almost synonymous with a botched hair style.

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