Javascript validating username and password with database


Here are some simple steps to make the process more secure.If the purpose of registration is to confirm that the person exists, and that they have supplied a valid email address, then as part of the registration processe you a should either email them a random password or a confirmation token rather than letting them choose their own password and use it immediately.If you're concerned about security you should have some policy on what constitutes a valid password.Some common restrictions are: Leaving the last requirement for now, as it requires a server-side script, let's see what's possible using just client-side HTML and Java Script.

You can do validation to make your code more secure or you can view our How to do validation before and after submitting the form tutorial.because i want if the user enter wrong username and password span a $notification alert, anyone can help me?A lot of websites now require registration, meaning that users need to be assigned a username and password.The problem here is that you're making the password visible in the browser, browser cache, proxy, etc.For security a password should never be displayed in HTML or sent by email.That's all, this is how to check the Username and Email Address of the user using Ajax and j Query.

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