Is drashti dhami dating someone

Even the company of someone as witty as Ranvir Shorey as a co-host failed to get her lips moving or her eyes expressing some emotions rather than giving a blank stare all the bloody time!

Even though it is not a live show, still, being an anchor requires spontaneity, sense of humor and lots and lots of presence of mind.

So, he doesn't usually like eating outside, we have nothing else to do but watch Netflix. After playing an array of characters, how do you think you have grown as an actor?Like I was playing a daughter, daughter-in-law, mother and also a friend. I will definitely try to be more active on social media. I think that was one of my best shows and that show made me a better actor as well. I am totally open to it but nothing as of now has happened. It is just so unbelievable that for someone else you might get so excited. It is just that I am bad at expressing sometimes so I don't know how to react to how much they love me and I love them. Of course, you become a little more responsible and calmer because you know someone back home is always waiting for you.You want to think about that person before doing anything and going anywhere.Most of her shows have been a hit amongst the audience.

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