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Install the latest updates for i OS to ensure you have the most recent network and email patches available from Apple.Before starting this update, connect your i Phone to its charger to ensure it has a constant supply of power.Hello, I'm hoping someone from the community or MS has a fix for my problem.

Pay special attention to the Incoming Mail Server section.

I had open email on safari.i went back in and open the email again on safari and the actually logged out before X out.

When your i Phone won't receive email over a Wi-Fi connection, perform some basic troubleshooting to remedy the problem.

Scenario: Using the Hotmail/web interface, I am deleting or moving messages from my Inbox.

On my i Phone, the Inbox gets out of sync - meaning moved messages still show in the Inbox or deleted messages still show there.

It is switched to automatically on the phone, but they never update automatically.

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