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Personally, my attitude is: Whether you do good or whether you do bad, outsiders (to self) will 'judge' you. I know a fair amount about it because a good friend of mine knew a member of OP40.

That is THEIR problem - not mine, so long as I am true to MY core / Soul. It would be amazing if you could trace the 21 missing Granite p-700 nuclear missiles, that was stolen from the Russian U-boat Kursk year 2000. My wife keeps bugging me about the Boston Marathon Bombings. Highest commnedations for his unmatched work on OP40.

acceleration of profound change will quickly manifest...believe you’s sooner than most will admit...mammon , Idolatry and any of it’s forms will have no value anymore. Spiritual Truth and it’s Reality on the other hand will be sought as Recognition of real escape from worldly eminence that cannot be bargained for, nor does it seek recompense. Ole it would be great to hear you interview the former soviet nuclear officer Dimitri Khalezov how the 9/11 event was done. Vänligen Maja Date: 2017-04-10 @ PM Name: Veerle Lowie Carnica Number: 3,157 Keep up the good work! Ur only human unlike the sick elite we’re all trying to expose.

It was ALL -- THE WHOLE TIME just scripts being played out by actors. Thanks again for a great work /SS-19 I am exploring your territory, lol, I have been looking at Alexa Meidnik, she has 2 facebook accounts, one in Skippack Pennsylvania with friends, but no family and Married, Dec was last post, the other Facebook Account has no city with less friends and has family on friends List, last post says Oct, I think the Family might be Crises Actors, plus all the friends seem like fake Accounts, its like dajaview from site to site, I can Feel Ole, their gonna Use these Kids, like Germany, Socialism, You know Kids Ole, They are always looking for a Persona, the Image of Proofing Ones Self, I Win You Lose and I find as we get older we start realizing, that is to Divide, Not Love, Not Unity, now the Sheriff Ireal in Broward county is not only Crooked, he is calling for websites that post "Graphic Content" should be Arrested, I think They Are Going All In Ole, With this Confusion, Where Are We Ole, You Think We Ready Ole, Let us come to Center Ole, let us go into the Heart, Bare Our Soul, Let Us Bring All We Have Inside, Let Us Unit, We Are The Reason We Are Here, To Love As The Beautiful Family We Are, in case we don't meet or they Win, I Love U Ole Vill tacka dig för ditt fantastik arbete och engagemang för bättre värld. God fortsättning på det nya året Ole, Jag är uppgiven och tror, åtminstone för närvarande, inte att vi kan göra något alls åt makten.

What has All Value and what has no value at all will be in clear view in peace at last. Try no more to understand and you will come to see that understanding will be yours in One Breath. Part 1 of 26: Dimitri Khalezov - WTC Nuclear Demolition [1/26] they will go on to build in some towns into this story. Date: 2017-04-08 @ AM Name: Morten Stibell Number: 3,147 Ole, du gør et vigtigt, modigt og godt arbejde, er imponeret af din ærlige og hjertelige tilgang. Date: 2017-04-08 @ AM Name: Nuno Souza Number: 3,146 I’ve been following your work for several years, I admire and have a great respect for you, in my humble opinion I think you’re doing an amazing “service” to all mankind and I just wish there were more extraordinary people as you around the world.

Your Overwhelming Honesty has inspired this message to you. v=e AV_BUQo GBw The book he wrote about the 9/11 event is called "The Third Truth about 9/11" and can be found at his site direct at Reinhard. Love and light I just watched a video of you speaking the truth and spreading the word of awakening. And when I get the money I will donate and buy books from you. Date: 2017-04-08 @ AM Name: Kasha Preece Number: 3,145 I absolutely adore your work. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your selfless endeavour to share your research xx Date: 2017-04-07 @ PM Name: Krzysztof Kowalewski Number: 3,144 I just write to you because I want you know you made good job.

It’s really great how you present all the evidence. Ole so wonderful to see you together with Field, David on Jason's show. I love you and what you’ve done You’ve lived a remarkable life I just wanted to write you And let you know you’ve had an impact on my life. I just had to email you again since your email was really the first email I received that started me on the road at looking at what was happening to me differently. Your actions are helping to uncover and clear so many of the lies, hoaxes and fakes flags , hang in there!!!!!

Listening to you makes one see how ridiculous all these false flags are and you really make me laugh! I tune in to all of you separately now WOW 4 faces of TRUTH on one screen.... Ole, it is so clear that you are unique among those in the You Tube community - kind, patient, humble, compassionate, gracious towards others, and all the marks of a yogi in the Kali Yuga!! Shortly after that I discovered the spiritual aspect of the targeting and that explained a lot as well. Date: 2017-04-07 @ PM Name: Jolande Number: 3,142 Thank you Ole for all your information.

The Lord is working through you and it is a wonderful thing. I pray the Lord sends his warrior angels to protect you. I just listened to something you said on an interview and it made me think of something I wrote called "One Breath". I'm loving living in nature, I'm meeting so many beautiful people, I'm in love with the animals here. I really don't see myself living and working in Toronto again. The ‘Golden’ dragon (Asia Russia) comes from the east. Date: 2017-04-06 @ PM Name: Tineke Laar Number: 3,139 Your thoughts are making the world..

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