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That’s why a lot of women decide beforehand that they will kiss on the first date, while others feel ready for kissing only after a few dates that don’t involve any intimacy.

Here are several insights into the question whether or not you should kiss on the first date.

It is clear that all of us experience kissing as a very important and strong phenomenon.

He could just be bored and wanting some fun but there is obviously a possibility that he likes you. If you do then you should be able to see if he likes you easily by asking around and see if he has a reputation of kissing people he's not dating. What he is doing in technically illegal in most states.

\n If your parents want to attempt to prosecute him for statutory rape, they can.

I can’t give you an advice whether you should kiss on the first date or not.

But, I can advise to think about changing your routine.

Sometimes you will be the one that takes the initiative, so here are 5 Ways to Initiate a First Kiss. This decision is also a valid one, and you should never have to explain yourself.

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