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If you are considering asking a friend or family member for help with money, you should be willing to sit down with them, share your budget, debts, monthly payments and interest rates with them.Show them that you can afford to pay them back and how you plan to do that, including highlighting budget areas that you have already cut back or are willing to cut back.Before evaluating the best way to consolidate debt, do these 3 things: Millions of consumers have said yes by consolidating debt into one payment.

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Which raises a couple of questions: How do I get that large lump sum that will allow me to consolidate my debt, and which is the best?

Most personal loans are made for three to five years.

Unlike loans from family or friends, lending institutions thoroughly vet an applicant.

For example, if you have 00 in credit card debt on a card with a 23.99% interest rate and you can transfer this debt to a 0% card (12-month introductory offer), you’ll save 00 over 12 months.

Most credit cards charge a 3% balance transfer fee.

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