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I will briefly review the definition of each factor.

Affection is, quite simply, the expression of love." The expression of love symbolizes security, protection, comfort, and approval which are the vital ingredients in any relationship.

For this, I will refer to the Marriage Builder website. Meeting these important emotional needs is only half of the story, however.Like any other marital problems, it will be difficult to mend the marriages if the vital ingredients are not available in the first place.Now that we have been introduced to the emotional needs required in successful marriages, we can now explore the motivational factors of Internet overuse.Admiration is the love of being told that they are appreciated. As this paper will prove, the Internet is a very powerful lure.It is vital that marriages encountering Internet addiction problems possess approximately five of the emotional needs, which are of most importance to the couples, because the couples’ love and strength are the keys to overpowering the Internet.Both are highly motivated to discover each other’s likes and dislikes, personal background, interests, and goals.

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