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We over estimated by 6.6 million pounds, about a 4% error.We’re happy with that, and when we looked at the numbers we were counting fewer colonies this year, which are up from last year by 100,000, from 2.7 to 2.8 million colonies, a 3% increase, so our guess was pretty good, given the data we had.Prices for each color class are derived by weighting the quantities sold for each marketing channel. Some 2015 honey was sold in 2016, which caused some revisions to the 2015 honey prices.

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Meanwhile, FL lost 5,000, and even ND lost 5,000, but SD dropped 10,000 and NE lost 9,000.

United States honey production in 2016 from producers with fewer than five colonies totaled 766 thousand pounds, up 6 percent from 2015.

There were 24 thousand colonies from which honey was harvested in 2016, up 4 percent from 2015.

It is an exhaustingly thorough report on where we are right now.

Bee Culture surveys its Honey Reporters each October for an estimate of what the honey crop will be, and we come pretty close to the right amount most years.

That happened this year, with NY dropping off from position 10 last year, while GA regained its position on the list with the help of a gain of 27,000 colonies since last year.

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