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Darrell then snapped, 'your demonstration wasn't any better.' 'We just know you as top and bottom,' Dio Guardi cracked after Darrell was eventually sent through. ' Meanwhile Ryan addressed Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie 'snubbing him' at Sunday’s Golden Globes.'I don’t think Angelina thinks I’m that important,' he said on his show Monday.

'I don’t think I’m top of mind for Brad and Angelina.

An isotonic drink with the usual blend of simple and complex carbohydrate to help provide sustained energy, but the first to add the ingredient 'Energy Smart', a sweetener containing grains blended with unrefined sugar from fruit juice.

It is claimed the fruit juice in Energy Smart gives an instant boost, while the grains give longer-lasting energy.

However, if you are taking part in an endurance event which requires you to be on the move for more than 90 minutes, a drink containing 4 to 8 pc carbohydrate can improve your stamina.

Boots claim it replaces electrolytes, or body salts, while you work out, though experts believe it is not necessary to do this until you have finished exercising, when a balanced diet will naturally make up for any losses. If it tastes bad, it will taste even worse when you drink it during a workout.

HIGHFIVE ENERGY SOURCE (stockists 01332 724750) 75p per 50g sachet which makes 500ml; 194 calories and 48.5g of carbohydrate per 500ml Designed to be drunk before exercise for extra energy, and after you finish to replenish the glycogen stores depleted in strenuous workouts.

Hypotonic sports drinks have fewer particles than body fluid and are absorbed faster than plain water, while hypertonic drinks have a high osmolality and are best taken as recovery drink after a workout. We tested six of the best-selling isotonic sports drinks and then asked sports dietician Jeanette Crosland of the Sports Nutrition Foundation to give her verdict ...

LIQUID POWER (stockists 01925 417744) £6.99 for 500g tub which makes eleven 500ml servings; 169 calories and 42g of carbohydrate per 500ml serving The London Marathon's own brand energy drink which will be the official fluid for the 30,000 runners in this year's race.

Many sports drinks contain small amounts of sodium, which enhances fluid absorption.

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