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My ex wants me to help him pick out sex toys for his new gf: I broke things off with my boyfriend of 18 months because I felt like he was always pushing me into things I was uncomfortable with, whether that be connected to money, sex, or something else.

I didn’t say no firmly enough because I always felt like I had to be “cool” or “chill” or measure up to his gorgeous, laissez-faire ex.

I just think he has more of his life together and is more anxious to start this next stage than I am.

Should I set him loose to find his marriage-ready match while I mourn the loss of a good relationship, or bide my time?

They rushed to get him into an inpatient rehab, because he’s about to turn 26 and will lose their health insurance. They turned his phone over to me to delete his Google contact list, and I noticed he had Facebook Messenger as well.

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“We both agreed we wouldn’t be compatible long term if we had different thoughts on this” is your answer.I missed him terribly both times and decided that I’m just not ready yet to hand him over to a babysitter for no good reason.I don’t feel like the stereotypical frazzled new mom, and I enjoy taking care of him and having him with me.I told my husband this after my mother-in-law’s most recent offer to babysit, and his feelings were hurt because he thinks I don’t appreciate the “help.” The pressure to leave him is not helpful!I know the baby would be well cared for, so I don’t think it’s an issue of being overprotective.Think of how amazing you felt after the breakup—you’ll feel even better once you free yourself of the sense of obligation that you have to answer his texts every couple of weeks. Can I keep my brother’s dealer from contacting him again?

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