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It took me a while before I could recreate it though. Woman C: Eleven, while secretly watching late-night Cinemax. I read an article in a magazine about female orgasms and realized I had never been able to give myself one.

The movie was called , and it was a porn parody of a noir film. Woman D: My first orgasm was about a month after my 18th birthday. I kind of figured that if I didn't know how I worked, I would never be able to explain it to a boy, so I Googled, "how to achieve orgasm women." As for why I started masturbating in the first place, it just felt right and I went with it. Woman D: I remember feeling pleasure from clitoral stimulation at an early age. When I was maybe nine or ten I remember stealing my mom's tampons and inserting them to see if it felt good; at that age I felt that that would produce a similar feeling to sex, I guess! Do you remember what you thought and how you felt when you first did it? I didn't know why people were raving about it, and I didn't know if I was doing it right.

If it's just my imagination, I will use previous stories or images and mash them together Woman D: I don't think about anything in particular, really.

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For the first, I will rub my clit really slowly and when I think I am about to orgasm I will stop.After that, I'll aim for several quick successive orgasms. I once caught a section of a daytime TV talk show, and they talked about masturbation and sitting under the tap in the bath with your legs on the wall.How old were you when you first masturbated to orgasm? It was really confusing and then all of a sudden really good. Woman B: I had never done anything more than kissing with boys.Just fill out the form right above to join us and start chatting immediately. Woman C: More often than not, my fingers while lying on my back are really effective. Woman D: When I masturbate I typically aim for at least four orgasms in a session.It sounds so obvious, but masturbation is a personal form of sex.

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