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Additionally, subscribers will be updated when important information is posted to the Pay and Personnel Center's internet site.

Click to subscribe Links to Process Maps and Knowledge Base entries will take you to the CG Portal (CAC login required).

Outlook 2003 allows you to expand the DL and see all members in the To box before sending the message.

See Description and Considerations When You Use the Expand List Feature in Outlook 2003 Also see: Distribution lists in the Exchange Server GAL are created with the Exchange Administrator program.

When you send to a distribution list, you're really sending to everyone whose address is included in the list.

It's much easier than picking 30 different addresses from the Address Book.

Courses like the Airman Leadership School, Pre-Separation Counseling, ICS Courses, etc., cannot be entered in DA 9.1.

We will let everyone know when it is available in DA.

(*) BAH Dependency Data Form - Delayed Processing - Changes you make in Personal Information/Dependent Information WILL NOT IMMEDIATELY APPEAR ON THE BAH DEPENDENCY DATA FORM.

When you send to a GAL DL, the To field shows only the name of the distribution list, not the distribution list member addresses.

If you double-click the DL address in the To field, you will be able to see the membership of the list, if the administrator has not hidden it.

Exchange Server mailing list applications provide another way to maintain distribution lists in the GAL.

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