Gemini male dating libra female


We just seemed to have this chemistry between us and seemed to be on the same wave length. My kids are grown and his are young from a late marriage. I think his kids come first and I can certainly understand this. I am a Gemini, and I happen to have found myself crushing on a Libra man. Our first date was over dinner and within 10 minutes of sitting down together we were both hooked. After 2 years of dating, we have been married for 5 years. When I get mad at him about something, which usually has to do with his children from his previous marriage (he spoils them! For the most part I am outgoing, and I just wanna get to know him better and see if we have a chance. we ended up sleeping together the first real "Date" night we had, but soon after we clashed. After dealing with the wild world of dating, we both had our defenses way up, but I think have since been pleasantly surprised at the equal partner we have found in each other. Our sex is fantastic, but the more we see each other and get to know each other layer b y layer, I see this relationship growing. and its true also, Gemini tend to get bored easily. Many times during our relationships, I have someone else beside him. Our chemistry ...mentally, physically and emotionally is so amazing and so natural. We can talk and laugh for hours without end effortlessly. We both desire the same things in life; love, marriage and family, What else can I say? I've never been so hap py and he clearly articulates that he feels 100% the same way.

All I can say after reading the comments and through my personal experience, Libra is the most compatibility partner for Gemini. My ex boyfriend he can understand me very well even without any words from me. There is this passion between us and I can only dream of how that would be taken to its full extent. if I could choose how to exhale my last breath, it would be while looking into her beautiful eyes. I am a Gemini woman June 1st recently started dating Libra male oct 8...after the first time we slept together he started avoiding me even though he claims he did not.When I read all the various things the posters have written here, tears just well up in my eyes-- oh, I feel like I am going mad.And I am questioning if I am not idealizing the potential with her-- for all I know she may share the attraction for me in the slightest. since then we never apart till we broke off about 2 years ago. She loves to talk and always has good things to say. Although just friends, once we kissed, and I felt totally wrapped around her soul and at peace with the world. She is sweet and funny and just has such an incredible personality.I am a Libra man, and have an enormous crush on a Gemini lady.

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