Fuckbook dating website review


It happened to me like this: I was sent a message by someone named “Juicy_Polly”.But, it said that I had to “Get a premium account to read this message”.Real dating sites don’t try to divert you away from their service.

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We see this often on bad sites that we review for our .

Of course, the link for the ‘premium account’ is a link to a payment page, which has two membership options, neither one of them cheap.

After I clicked away from that payment page, I began to notice all kinds of other suspicious things on this site.

There are so many opportunities for miscommunication, bad matches, hurt feelings, and technical failures.

But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t date online.

The advertisement was very explicit in nature, which made it clear that this wasn’t a service related to dating, but to other ‘adult’ services.

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