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Clients in a federated domain use the Channel service and Lookup service in your enterprise, if your organization has configured Office Communications Server and Group Chat to support federated users. NET Framework is installed on a computer with an existing . NET applications update to use the newly installed version.

Implements additional Web service specifications in areas including security, reliable messaging, and sending attachments. The exception is an application bound to a version of the .

For details about hardware and software requirements for the Group Chat Server, see Internal Office Communications Server Component Requirements.

The following sections describe both of these topologies, as well as a topology for supporting clients in a federated domain.

To prepare a database server platform, ensure that each computer meets the hardware requirements and then install the prerequisite software.

This would only be necessary if the federated partner wants to host its own chat rooms.The following figure shows all of the components of a pooled topology with multiple Group Chat Servers and the optional Compliance service and separate compliance database. Multiple Group Chat Servers Multiple-server topologies provide pooling of server functionality.In a server pool, the Lookup services and Channel services communicate and share data.During the installation of Group Chat, if this version or a later version of the software is not already installed on the computer, Group Chat installs it.Used in the creation of SIP clients and SIP servers.All of these computers must be deployed in an Active Directory domain, with at least one global catalog server in the forest root.

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