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He was seen rummaging through a plastic bag and did not speak to anyone, even when a staff member asked if she could help him.He left the office and was subsequently seen in other parts of the building before entering a second-floor mechanical engineering class of about sixty students at about p.m.A university-wide support service for queer students and their allies.

His suicide note claimed political motives and blamed feminists for ruining his life.

Juripop says there will be 10 lawyers on hand to meet confidentially with people who say they have been assaulted or harassed.

There will also be a panel to explain the process of filing a sexual harassment or sexual assault complaint.

Moving along the corridor, he shot at others, wounding one, before moving towards the financial services office where he shot and killed a woman through the window of the door she had just locked.

He next went down to the first-floor cafeteria, in which about a hundred people were gathered.

Twenty-five-year-old Marc L├ępine, armed with a rifle and a hunting knife, shot 28 people, killing 14 women, before committing suicide.

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