Domino updating search site database

If this is done many times, it would be more efficient to have a permanent full text index.If you want to update a specific database full-text index, Select Files tab for the required database, then Tools - Database - Full Text Index - Update - OK Indexes are updated automatically by the UPDATE task. Options are To create a full-text index, select the files tab, then select Tools - Database - Full-text Index and follow the instructions on the screen.This article is the second using third party JAR files as plug-ins in your Domino environment.

The help text says that "immediate" updates are performed "As quickly as possible after the database is closed".

Descriptions of the new Extended Search add-on to Domino servers.

It will allow users on either Lotus Notes or web clients to search multiple databases and webwide search services simultaneously, by accessing the existing indexes.

If you want to know if your View is current, go to the Files tab in the Domino Administrator client, right-click on the database you want to see andthen select Manage Views Full-text indexes are used to speed up document searches.

The full text index may only contain words found within a document or may optionally include text within numerous supported attachment types.

Databases can be Notes or any ODBC-compatible system.

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