x Hello Gracie, Thank you very much for coming back to me.Yeah im going to get some new pics of my body posted to make that look better.So as ever I pop in and out of the forum (usually because I totally forget its here) but I saw this and thought it poke my nose in Firstly, Hello Dave. Secondly, I'd say Gay Swap is utterly wasting your time (as much as it was a perfectly good suggestion by Miss James).That's because, although it's catered to the market you are after, there are just little to no users on there. If its quiet for more than 30 minutes turn off free preview and stay logged in private mode - you will be driven insane and demoralised else!

The fast-touch G-branded pedalboards and rock stabilizer plates makes for smooth operation.Ive been in my free chat room for 40 mins now and not 1 person has even came in?I know its hard for a guy, but i at least thought people would come into a free chat? Have you turned on live thumbnails so people can see you before they come in?Also, I just went and read the original thread Dave posted a few months back: If I'm wrong in that regard I apologise but it seems like a case of same old same old!Listed below are a selection of members offering webcam-based services. If you're interested in making money by offering webcam services, click here. Some members are in front of a camera right now and can webcam with you privately or as part of a group session.

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