Demi and nick jonas dating

You're both .) Um, don't you want to tell us about Hillary Clinton?LOVATO When I went through my shit, I realized it was for a reason -- to make a ­difference. Think about my past and where my love for performance comes from -- musical theater.We became even closer because it was never going to be [romantic].LOVATO There's a song on my first album called "Gonna Get Caught" about how I thought Joe was a player.And today she's the best version of herself I've ever known." Says Brad Paisley, who recently released the duet "Without a Fight" with Lovato: "Nick and Demi both are great examples of child stars coming of age, becoming really legit, respected musicians.As we all know, not everybody makes that transition." , which hit No.

2 peak, led by the surging R&B of "Close." On June 29, the pair -- her an established celebrity aiming to stay fresh, him striving to prove men can be pop megastars too -- kicked off a 44-city co-headlining arena tour, Future Now, a "seamless night of music," says Jonas, where they take turns in the spotlight and sometimes back each other up.

"I work with him on being more vulnerable," says Lovato.

"He's doing an awesome job." Replies Jonas: "Thanks."Demi Lovato's Hair Evolution Demi, you left the 2010 Jonas tour early after an infamous incident in which you punched your dancer. LOVATO I distanced myself as I was getting involved with self-destructive things.

These days the two enjoy cigars and espresso shots, nerd out over conspiracy theories, watch dumb comedies (but don't really read: "No books," says Jonas) and call each other with any personal crisis.

Lovato demurs on the subject of her breakup with Wilmer Valderrama, until June her ­boyfriend of six years, but says Jonas has been there for her and that they've been making music together on the bus.

She was like, "Just go, ­create and be free." She also said some other things...

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