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He was the first to record Chere Tout Toute under that title, though Angelas Le Jeune also uses the tune in one of his recordings.

Fuselier accompanying Iry Le Jeune home from a dance when the two had a flat tire and pulled off the road to fix it.

You can hear a great version of this tune on the Varise Conner cd mentioned up above.

Fuselier contributed some of the standards of the Cajun music repertoire.

The senior Davis disapproved of the marriage and cut Davis, Jr. They remained married until Netcher's death in 1953.

Jenny's first marriage was to her dancing partner Harry Fox in 1912. In 1925, the sisters met retail magnate Harry Gordon Selfridge while they were performing in London.

He trades her again for corn, peanuts next time, and so on.

Inspired by Issa Rae of the webseries Awkward Black Girl, Amarteifio made the series a webseries because she felt that her ideas would be changed and it wouldn't be the story she was trying to tell had she made it a television series.

On other occasions, she won 0,000 at the horse track, 0,000 at baccarat and 0,000 at roulette.

With her winnings, Jenny Dolly indulged in her passion – buying expensive jewelry.

The following year, they appeared in the stage production of The Echo. signed them to appear in his Ziegfeld Follies for two seasons.

In 1913, the Dolly Sisters decided to try to forge separate careers.

Lomax made a field trip to southwest Louisiana in 1934, where he recorded Wayne Perry.

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