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“There are no loose ends with this — everything ties in,” said Wilson.

The researchers dated a Roman brick, known to be 2001, as 2000 years old.

He traveled through various parts of Luzon, Catanduanes and Marinduque.

At Marinduque, he found a cave called Pamintaan, which had been previously used as a burial site.

An interesting thing occurred when they tested their technique on a medieval brick from Canterbury: after repeated testing dated it at 66 years, they realized that the intense heat generated during a Second World War blitz had re-fired the brick and effectively reset its clock. It may be said that archaeology today is much more complex than it used to be. Archaeology has become multi-disciplinary involving sciences such as geology, botany, zoology, climatology, volcanology, cartography, geography, ecology, soil sciences, and in some instances, including environmental concerns.Archaeology has become a multi-sectoral endeavor as well.A big breakthrough came in 2003 when the researchers realized that this process has occurred at a predictable rate throughout history, related to temperatures.Now the researchers have turned their theory into a practical dating method and present their findings in Proceedings of the Royal Society A.The team has already dated ceramics from the Roman, medieval and modern periods to a high degree of accuracy, and they are now looking to establish a global research facility for the technique.

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