Dating someone inexperienced

A lot of girls prefer dating guys who are sexually experienced.

It is in their nature to want to be with a guy who can really satisfy them in the bedroom. Now, if you are a sexually inexperienced guy, you shouldn’t be wearing this on your sleeve. If you were to be constantly thinking about it, it would influence how you perform in the bedroom. Whether it be kissing, massaging or flirtatious talk, it all makes her feel very good.

So your best bet is to find and date women who don’t mind if you’re inexperienced.

Older women tend to prefer men with experience, because they want a solid and stable relationship and don’t want to waste time teaching a new guy the ropes.

There are going to be women at any age who are exceptions and don’t mind your inexperience, but the younger girls tend to overlook it a lot more.

"Sex was lasting five minutes, sometimes less," she says.

"He was embarrassed and we were both getting frustrated." Then one day they stumbled upon a solution: "I was dancing around the bedroom in my underwear and he started to get turned on.

People are not mind-readers, so unless you tell them - they won’t know.

And yeah, faking it till you’re making it solves a lot of problems in this instance, although it isn’t terribly honest.

Focus on foreplay first and letting her enjoy the fact that you are giving her this kind of special attention.

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