Dating service for lawyers

The Short Version: Elena Albamonte’s fun dating site, Lawyers in Love, aims to help legal professionals — with busy and daunting work lives and who prefer analytical debates to small talk — find like-minded individuals.

Starting with the similarity in the work they do, users on the site are able to more quickly feel a connection with their matches and spend less time with icebreakers or explaining their schedules.

In discussing her own experience as a lawyer trying to date, Elena said that meeting someone who finally got it (understood her work and its jargon, didn’t mistake her confidence for arrogance, had similar lengthy work hours) just made everything go so much smoother on their dates.

After such a positive experience, she continued to seek out legal professionals, and all of those dates ended up better than anyone she happened to meet in a random profession.

That was the experience Elena Albamonte discovered when she ventured to Match years ago to try online dating.

“I eventually met a lawyer on Match and it just seemed like we had a lot more in common,” Elena said.

For now, Elena can be proud that Lawyers in Love provides an easy way for busy legal professionals to get to meet, flirt, and build relationships with like-minded people on their own schedule.

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Well, you’re probably already on one of the niche lawyer dating websites which keep appearing.“Having those big factors already out in the open really helps users find a person more properly matched to them,” Elena asserted.Lawyers in Love functions as a typical dating site does, with features to sort by such as location, area of practice, and even more creative descriptors such as the Supreme Court Justice you most identify with (Are you more of a John Roberts, loyal and earnest, or a Sonia Sotomayor, trendy and liberal? There are fun legal Easter eggs all throughout the profile options including “powdered wig” as a hair description and “9th Circuit” (listed after “anarchist”) as a political leaning choice.“I wanted the site to be fun and help people find a better match.” When people meet on her site, she said they feel more comfortable because they already know their matches will have something in common with them.Profession, work-life balance, free time, and interests are all part of the site’s dating profile.The Lawyers in Love site is free, and Elena still personally reviews each applicant to weed out spammers, non-legal system workers, or anyone insincere.

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