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It means approaching men, dating and relationships with consciousness; allowing you to balance your heart and your head.

Some key ingredients to dating like a grownup: is a new book written by three very talented, very cool women.

I'm happy with my life so far but there's one thing missing.

Ready to settle down (but still not prepared to "settle").

I'm looking for someone who shares similar family values and close relationships.

(They all found love later in life, I did it, and so can you, sister! There is juicy discussion of the real grownup stuff that comes as you get to know each other, meet each others’ friends and family, face challenges with finances; blend your families and make lifestyle and living decisions…all the while growing your love.

) I read their opening paragraph and knew we were simpatico: “It’s a luscious experience, falling in love as a grownup. (As an aside, I love how they talk about wearing white on your wedding day [gasp! As a 47 year old first-time bride I approached my 77 year old Dad before walking down the aisle together and he whispered: You look beautiful in your white dress, honey. ” He cracks me up.) The same basic principle that I use in my coaching guides the advice in Love for Grownups: These are great years to meet the man of your dreams!

I'm a somewhat traditional girl who has her stuff together but is missing a little something - I like my space but looking for a man who'll make me feel special, encouraged, loved and safe.

We might get 1400-odd characters to talk about ourselves (and isn't there some odd characters on here, boom-tish), but a picture is worth a thousand words - don't you think it helps to see if we'd be a good fit?

If I'm not your one, I hope you find her on the next click, so good luck. Enjoyed rowing on the Yarra (social regatta), want to get a kayak. Lots more travel to be done - hopefully with a partner. Perhaps you could introduce me to a few new interests?

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