Dating meaning in tamil

There’s probably more proof to that proving the world is flat and if you sail to end of the ocean you fall of the planet.

The following is an exposure by writer Thamizhchelvan showing how Tamil language and society came under the manipulation of the art of inculturation…

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They soon realized that the local populace, rooted in a centuries-old civilization, was culturally and religiously strong; hence they focused on Tamil literature to understand the cultural heritage and religious traditions, so they could devise different strategies for conversion.Abrahamic religions are political in nature; they are intrinsically political concepts more than religions, and aim to bring the entire world under their rule.They gain political power, capture territories and convert people.It needs to be understood clearly that these priests learnt Tamil language and literature with an agenda and not out of love or passion or with an intention of contributing to the growth of the language.Moreover, it would not have been enough if these padris alone understood the cultural heritage and religious tradition of India; it had to be understood by the Church establishments which sent these missionaries on “holy” assignments.After capturing power and establishing Crown rule in 1858, the British government gifted vast stretches of lands to the churches and supported them with other infrastructures.

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