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The message to women is clear: Lower your expectations, even though you might deserve better.A column entitled “Hey sisters, get real or you will die alone” published on April 11 in EJ Insight is the latest, most offensive iteration of this message.And when they do “settle down,” some Hong Kong men actually don’t.Fung said she has also encountered many married men who are wealthy and successful, looking for girlfriends behind the back of their wife. “It is men who should get real and stop wasting our time. If the guy you like the most asks you if you’re seeing anyone else, it also gives him the extra motivation he might need to actually come out and ask to date you exclusively. Take control of your online persona According to Kaitlin Kapur, around 70 percent of people google the people they’re dating or want to date and we often don’t realise how searchable we are.Make sure you have a consistent image on all your online profiles and social media and portray a persona that will speak to the sort of person you want to date. Cast your net wide Don’t be afraid to use apps like Tinder and OKCupid.

You’re also less likely to stress over a small disagreement or rude text if you know you’ll be hanging out with someone else the next day.

But with the coming of a New Year, I’m determined to find a way to take control of my relationships and have them work for me rather than giving into the needs and whims of the guys I end up dating.

Related: Dating in Hong Kong with Tinder Now that dating has become so much more accessible (thanks in most part to the phenomenon that is online and mobile speed dating), the result is not always as satisfying as it was pre-Tinder.

“Once I dated a man who boasted how many properties he owned. Kong men may also have little to offer in the bedroom.

According to a 2014 survey released by the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong, nearly 60% of the 2,100 women aged between 21 and 40 reported at least one sexual problem that lasted over three months to one year—which could be attributed to a partners’ lack of expertise. A similar percentage said they had problems getting aroused. “Before accusing women of being unrealistic and gold-diggers, Kong men should reflect on their shortcomings first,” Lung pointed out.

(Yes, this is the one that offended my friend so much.

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