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If they treat the initiated like this, we better start defending our freedom, because there sure isn't any serving the globalists. the only thing I can go off of, is the personal stories from models/miss USA girls about how well and uncreepy Trump treated them on a personal level. Do I think he could have been forward with ADULT women? They loved to be all in the same game to rule our world. I think they just tried to spin an unwinable situation to their favor.How his children are with him, and how much Ivana loves and respects her father. Sure, probably women who threw themselves at him because of his financial and celebrity status. I worked in mental health/school counseling for 28 years and saw/assisted with having pedos in the education system arrested. Trump adores his family, pedos are NOT family oriented. This is foolish because the allegations against Franken and Conyers are true.Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family: Follow Alex on TWITTER - Like Alex on FACEBOOK - Infowars on G - : Web: : Subscribe and share your login with 20 friends: Funding the Infowar is more important than ever!Visit to get the latest books, documentaries, Infowars swag, survival & preparedness gear & nutritional products Alex Jones and his family trust, while supporting the growth of our expanding media operation.The idea that mass consumerism is making us happy-is not born from reality.The idea that the US military is protecting anything more than the international corporatocracy, leaving Americans out in the cold, is hilarious.My case is similar and the cover ups are pre-meditated, they are wolves in sheep's clothing and chances are you know some and arent aware. They are already preparing the ground for Michelle in 2020 with all these fake campus rape epidemics like in the US and Australia and this Me Too stuff brought up by very questionable figures everywhere.

He is talking about Clinton and Trump in that context before his statement.Personally I thought that the White hats in the deep state where leaking sex scandals on the dems to get them off Trumps back???Ive prayed for 34 years these evil twisted manipulators would be punished.Kallstrom called the development a nasty thing to be watching.people in the FBI getting very political, not basing their [work] on the rule of law or protecting the American public.Absolutely Demo RATS will use this sexual assault bullshit in hopes Trump will step down & if he doesn't they'll use it as though they took the high road & forced their Demo PERVES to step dwn & Republicans didn't care enough to do the same. This is why both parties are trying to make sure Roy Moore doesn't get elected.

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