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The COST Action and the interaction with other COST members have contributed significantly to my own research.It is very important that early stage researchers get access to STSMs and Training Schools in a scale that is not provided by any other EC program.International researchers met in Leiden, the Netherlands, to discuss the latest research on pollinators and stress the need to communicate their value more actively to citizens and policy advisors.Better science communication, backed by more research funding, could help ensure sustainable pollination worldwide.By creating open spaces where people and ideas can grow, we unlock the full potential of more Combining multiple images and cutting-edge technology is helping forensic science to give law enforcement agencies, juries and the judiciary the clearest ever picture of what happens at the scene of a crime.

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This field has been dormant for several decades and it was amazing to see how in a very short time a very active community formed due to the COST activities: the conferences, work meetings, and the short-term scientific missions.

COST creates and sustains a healthy collaborative research spirit across Europe.

COST Actions have been one of the most successful tools towards the development of a real European Research Area (ERA) allowing scientists' exchanges and the development of strong collaborations between researchers across Europe strengthening thus the European research network.

They have led to a recent awarding of a Marie Curie European Joint Doctorate (REP-BIOTECH) to members of the Epiconcept and Gemini COST Actions.

The COST Action was my first successful truly international "grant" application.

Training Schools and short-term scientific missions, for instance but not exclusively, are unique activities allowing rapidly young researchers to gain skills and knowledge from European partners and even from our competitors worldwide.

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