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“This has necessitated new models and stronger network systems.

We simply cannot continue as in the past.” However, the German Press Agency DPA reported the planned changes had faced resistance, with some Catholic communities fearing a loss of resources to the new parishes.

LANXESS je, na svetskom tržištu, jedna od vodećih kompanija u sferi proizvodnje specijalizovanih hemijskih proizvoda.

LANXESS na tržištima Austrije, Poljske, Mađarske, Srbije, Slovačke i Češke zastupa sopstvena prodajna firma "LANXESS Central Eastern Europe" s.r.o.

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They provide input and feedback, experience the technology and become aware of its potential and current limitations, to in the end facilitate its uptake.On behalf of the consortium of the European project TRADR (Long-Term Human-Robot Teaming for Robot Assisted Disaster Response) we are pleased to invite you to participate in the Robot-Assisted Disaster Response Technology Day organized by the Gezamenlijke Brandweer, Netherlands.The TRADR Technology Day is part of the European Robotics Week. November 2017 Time: to (arrival and registration from ) Venue: Congrescentrum, Heijplaatstraat 17-23, 3089 JB Rotterdam, The Netherlands Topics: Robotics and AI technology use in disaster response: research, system development and practical experience Real disaster response is time-critical and extremely stressful: the use of robots functioning as proper team members has the potential to reduce the workload and the stress of the humans and to take over dangerous tasks.Austria’s Vienna Archdiocese is also merging its 660 parishes into 150 larger entities, each served by three to five priests, while the Catholic Archdiocese of Luxembourg is reducing its existing 274 parishes to just 33.Ireland’s Clogher Diocese has also clustered 37 parishes into 14 “pastoral areas,” coordinated by “pastoral support groups” of two priests and six laypeople, while the president of the Dutch bishops’ conference, Cardinal Willem Eijk, has introduced plans to merge his Utrecht Archdiocese’s 326 parishes into 48 larger units, each with a single church as “eucharistic center.” Rupp told CNS Trier had been unusual in convening a diocesan synod to debate reforms.3CX Phone System for Windows has helped many businesses achieve significant benefits in a cost-effective and innovative way.

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