Dating and romance through out life

I am being pursued for marriage by a wonderful, godly man.

Though it's also possible that it's not his practice to be what you're hoping for.

If you are moving toward marriage, your interaction should be unique.

This doesn't give you latitude to stop relating as brother and sister in Christ.

There's a need for restraint, certainly, and if you were writing to say your boyfriend heaped compliment upon compliment with reckless abandon, I'd warn you that his over-eagerness might be its own red flag.

But never expressing gratitude for what makes you you, for God's work in your life, for your beauty or your interests or your thoughts or your talents, does make me wonder if he's too inhibited. Do you express gratitude for him, ask him about his hopes and dreams, and let him know why you appreciate him? How does he relate to his other friends, his biological sisters (if he has them), his mother?

I'm not sure if it's even right for me to want romance at this stage.

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