Dating and how slow is slow Sex chat for java mobiles online


I really am not into just having sex, because (we talked about it) we both are looking for a long term relationship so I have no problem with patience, but it's going too slow, and she somehow does not want to meet more often than ~once a week and you cannot build a connection when you spend no time with each other.

How could I communicate to this person that I really like her but that I am starting to lose interest because of the insanely slow pace of the relationship?

Something no-one mentioned is that she might be very introverted.

So, review your conversations and try to assess the proportion of small talk versus actual content (like: talking about past life experiences, philosophy, travels, dreams, life goals, tastes, etc). When re-reading your conversations, if you are bored into oblivion, then let's be honest, this doesn't look like it'll end up in a satisfying long-term relationship...This is a bit like a long distance relationship then, since you only meet once a week.Unless you are having deep philosophical discussions or other kinds of conversations that you enjoy enough to keep you interested, spending a lot of time every day writing to each other can result in boring and uninteresting small talk about each other's daily lives.If she is interested, she will then restart the conversation.Personally, I feel that that starting a long term relationship after meeting 4-5 times over a single month is "fast" rather than "slow".I am currently dating a girl (19) who I (21) really like.

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