Dating an easy going guy

Oh, and there's one other thing that gets a man to act in the captivation stage: his competitive nature won't tolerate losing the greatest woman he's ever met to another man.

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We have this violent world where powerful men do battle, but not once do we see a woman throw herself at a man because of his status.There was something on twitter about a 0 date, and it was hilarious how some dudes went off with the broke nigga anthem of, ā€œā€œ.The outrage not only speaks to the lack of value modern day men place on females, but it also speaks on the fact that a lot of women are out here spoiling men with cheap pussy.No matter how loud you complain about not going out, never spending real time, or feeling unappreciated, if you like him enough you will continue to talk to this kind of man.Let me break it down with a Hoe example, because they stay winning.Remember Iā€™m talking about Hoes who fuck for things, not sluts who fuck because of things.

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