Dating an airline pilot


That's on the high side for the m-f job and not subtracting out vacations or holidays off. I have yet to hear of an airline that has "flex" time, or whatever you wish to call it. For example, I started dating a mechanic at the commuter I worked for.

If my 10 hour day turned into a 16 hour day, I can't just take 6 hours off next week or whenever I choose. We completely avoided the work gossip because we were not secretive about it like a lot of people dating at work were. He has since started flying and is now at another regional.

If you date a FA, gate agent, etc and things dont work out then you still have to see them every day and work with them. Most guys approaching girls are desk-jockeys and push paper all day. Who cares if we fly 15000ft in a turboprop and have layovers in podunk-city, its different and more exciting that staring at a computer all day. You probably have more confidence and cool factor, and it can work to your advantage as long as you play it right (ie not like Mav in Top Gun, no ray-ban aviators or other pilot paraphenalia).

Regarding that "50% of all relationships end in divorce" thing.

I've never seen how they got the statistics on that one, but I think that is all marriages.

If you can't find any professional women in your town, try bidding long overnights in the bay area It's true that there seems to be a shortage of good "straight" single men here in the Bay Area, and there certainly are plenty of professional women around here.

The thing is though, that most of us professional women here in the Bay Area tend to work a fair amount and you would also have to be ok with that.

You just need enough self-confidence to not be bothered by a woman who makes more than you.

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