Dating a banker website


Her ex-husband is bitter and convinces one of my brothers that my sister is just in it for the money. You've got your corroborating evidence so go spread the word. If you stayed you probably are wondering if you got the full story. I like people who are willing to reserve judgment and keep looking for additional information.

These gals are no different than any other woman in a similar situation in America, it's just the size of the bank accounts that are different. "Oh no, we can't afford to pay for X anymore, I am used to X, I'm gone." X can be bottle service, a mortgage, etc. It is a lifestyle they were used to and are now losing. The difference with these women is they are bitching that they arn't being wined and dined anymore.Eventually my sister's ex-husband paid my mom back, but it was long past the last payment my mom made on the loan.Financial stress can show the greedy people for what they are, but it can also cause good people to breakdown as well.Actually, it's fun to poke fun at them because they're greedy, the free ride (except having to give oral on Sundays) is over, and they need a fucking support group and, in true American fashion, feel that they have anything worthwhile to offer the world by having a website about it. Yeah - I think these are the marriage material types.From what I can tell most of these girls are already relatively successful.Edit: * I find a certain amount of aloofness attractive, and if you do a 180 from that I *may* loose some of that attraction. They saved every penny they earn from work while emptying the wallet of the marks in question. You make sure you're able to take care of yourself if he were to leave, but sock away your money and let him pay for everything.

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