Datagridview cell value not updating

2.1 Update the Drugs table schema by adding more fields and more records Update the schema of the drugs table to add more fields.Right-click on the Drugs Table Now, explore the contents of the Drugs table and add the missing data.Some people have been able to modify the code to run without Visual Styles. Here are some details: I wanted to ensure that the design of the Tree Grid View supported normal Tree View type properties and features, so creating necessary classes to create the “tree view” experience wa necessary (see object model for more details).Custom Painting – Painting an image in a cell is easy, but ensuring that the text from the Data Grid View Text Box Cell didn’t overlap the image took a bit of work.Siting/Unsiting a node – Since I don’t want to set padding and styling except when a node is actually displayed.

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You'll need to modify it if you want to run the Tree Grid View without visual styles. The basic part of creating a Data Grid View that can expand and collapse is to dynamically add and remove rows. To make this really usable and extendable, I decided to add a lot code and make this easier to use.

Using the Padding feature of the Data Grid View Cell Style, I add padding to the left side of the cell to account for the text and the indentation.

This padding affects the painting and behavior of the text box cell, so editing a text cell correctly positions the editing control.

Even though I'm not a developer I still like to take features and customize them to do something really cool.

As far as the Data Grid View goes, customizing it to support hierarchical data is a much larger task since the structure of the DGV doesn't lend itself to having different column sets, so, I decided I'd settled for a tree like structure.

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