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2.1 Update the Drugs table schema by adding more fields and more records Update the schema of the drugs table to add more fields.

Right-click on the Drugs Table Now, explore the contents of the Drugs table and add the missing data.

In this article I will explain how to edit and update multiple rows in ASP. the Rows which are checked will become editable and user can update multiple rows on one single Update button click. If the Check Box is checked then the Label control in the Grid View Cell is hidden and the corresponding Text Box or Drop Down List is made visible.

First column containing the Check Box, second column containing a Label and Text Box for display and edit Contact Name of the Customer respectively and the third column containing a Label and Drop Down List for display and edit Country of the Customer respectively Here I am looping through the Grid View Rows and checking whether the Check Box is checked for that Row.

Rearrange all the resulting controls as shown in the following figure.

Change the properties of each control, if the properties window doesn't appear, right-click on the control and select properties from the context window, the properties should be changed as The final arrangements of the controls on the form should be as shown in the following figure:2.3 Display the Selected Record from the Data Grid View The objective is to display any record when selected in the Data Grid View.

This can be done by opening Form1 and double-clicking on the "Insert" button.

You'll need to modify it if you want to run the Tree Grid View without visual styles. The basic part of creating a Data Grid View that can expand and collapse is to dynamically add and remove rows. To make this really usable and extendable, I decided to add a lot code and make this easier to use.Add a table called "Employee" to the database and then use the new form to display its contents.In this Article, we will learn How to Insert, Update and Delete Record in Data Grid View in C# Windows Form Application. In the above code, I have created data Grid View1_Row Header Mouse Click Event for updating and deleting the selected Record.Clear() method clears the data present Text Box as well as in ID(int) variable.If you read my first blog post you'll find out that I'm not a developer (anymore).Siting/Unsiting a node – Since I don’t want to set padding and styling except when a node is actually displayed.

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