Dangers of dating drug dealers


Doctors have reported a shocking increase in the number of youngsters arriving at A&E with serious health problems resulting from the abuse of the drug.Dr Adrian Harrop, based in Scarborough Hospital, said: ‘Xanax is a massive problem.“It’s definitely helped my exams.” “Universities are aware of it.Quite a few have considered drug testing before exams.” The Home Office has advised against the taking of uncontrolled drugs such as Noopept, warning of possible side-effects including cardiovascular problems and psychosis.

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Within seconds, photographs of the pills and detailed price lists for Xanax, cannabis and ecstasy appeared alongside clear instructions on how to purchase them.

Forensic pharmacologist Dr Edward Bliss said: “The main problem with these drugs is tolerance." “This will lead to users requiring an ever increasing dosage with the biggest threat coming from depression - especially for this student age group who are particularly susceptible to depression." “Also you can’t validate what you’re taking chemically from buying online and couple that with some people will simply have bad reactions - it’s unpredictable." “The recent bill banning sale of these substances will do nothing at all to the trade and it’s doubtful it will even affect the price.” Former government drugs advisor and Professor David Nutt said he did not consider Noopept as a high risk, however, adding that it was unlikely to be affected by the recent blanket ban since it does not appear to be “a recreational psychoactive” drug.

Speaking to , he said: “It's hard to see how it wouldn't be safe unless massively overdosed.” Olav, a Noopept "enthusiast" and administrator of one of the larger Noopept Facebook groups, swore it was “as safe as any vitamin.” “The supplement is neuroprotective,” he said, referring to research studies taken out on the substance, “I give it to my mother and my wife with good conscience.” “For most people Noopept is a mild brain supplement, so mild so that some buyers claims to feel no effects at all.

Users are instructed to contact the sellers through a free encrypted messaging app called Wickr – which deletes the messages after they are read – presumably to avoid dealers being traced by the police.

Xanax is a Class C controlled drug, carrying a maximum sentence for possessing, supplying or importing of 14 years’ imprisonment.

We’ve seen increasing numbers of young people overdosing, having obtained it from the internet.

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