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Simply by searching for the phrase ‘xanax UK’ and other similar terms on Instagram, Mail on Sunday investigators were able to locate dozens of drug peddlers on the site.Within seconds, photographs of the pills and detailed price lists for Xanax, cannabis and ecstasy appeared alongside clear instructions on how to purchase them.In a statement, a spokesperson said: "To the extent that cognitive enhancers are supplied for their psychoactive effects and not covered by the range of exemptions and exceptions, they are covered by the Psychoactive Substances Act." "This reflects concerns that the availability of nootropics bought especially via the internet hides potential dangers.The criminal offences in the Act will apply to both physical and online markets and the new importation offence will bite against the supply from overseas." Experts have also warned of risks from taking the drug, which they say can have a detrimental effect on mental health.Perhaps Nootropics that are useful for hand-eye coordination, visual acuity, keeping cognition sharp and fresh during long periods of sitting?

Olav, who admitted to selling the drug in the past, said claims that Noopept was dangerous or even “deadly” were surprising, since he had “never heard any stories of serious side effects” despite being part of the Nootropic community for 18 years.A host of online vendors from the UK, Netherlands and Russia is listed and group users discuss similar “brain boosters”, known as Nootropics, posting links to companies reportedly willing to give out new pills for free in return for reviews.In a recent post to the group, one student can be seen asking “what to eat and take before (morning) exam? Another posted: “ Any ideas for a useful stack for video game players?, he said: “I sell this drug and use it myself daily - the market is in [a period of] high growth." "More people are buying Noopept as it becomes more well known and a large number of them are students".One Facebook group with more than 20,000 members advocates the benefits of Noopept to its members, providing advice on where to buy the drug and how to take it.A rising number of university students are taking banned drugs as a way to stay alert during exam time, according to reports.

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