Cristiano ronaldo dating kim


The July 2010 Sunday Mirror report said he met her in a Los Angeles restaurant during a trip to the US in 2009, charming her with the line: “Me, you **** ****’.

Speaking in July 2014, Cristiano’s older sister Elma admitted: 'Cristiano sometimes asks about his mum.

Cristiano caused many to jump to conclusions when he posted a romantic photo of himself and Georgina on Instagram in May.

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Notice that they all occurred in 2010, the same year this sex tape and nude photos were made based on the cell phone camera evidence above. Now it seems Cristiano Ronaldo has turned his attention to another Hollywood socialite.The Real Madrid, 25, was caught kissing Kim Kardashian, 29, during her low-key trip to Spain this week, according to sources.Once we told him that she was in Heaven, but my brother and my mum didn’t like that and asked us not to repeat it.'We say now that his mum went travelling.He goes silent, forgets about it and doesn’t ask anymore.”There has also been recent speculation that his girlfriend is pregnant.October 2010 – October 2010 Kim Kardashian was spotted out with John Mayer on a couple of occasions in October, 2010, and everyone knows John Mayer doesn’t get out of bed for a chick unless he is getting some ass.

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