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They will also widely publicise five #datesafe tips across their websites and social media platforms for users of dating sites and apps.

#datesafe tips Neil Masters, National Fraud and Cyber Crime Lead at the independent charity Victim Support, said: “Dating fraud can shatter people’s lives both financially and emotionally and we know that losing what felt like a trusting and very real relationship is often what is most difficult to come to terms with.

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They got chatting and it wasn’t long before Kerry* had asked him to send £500 towards a plane ticket she needed to buy urgently (she didn’t specify details on where it was to). She was in fact a fraudster who went to great lengths to deceive David; sending copies of immigration papers, passport and a plane ticket.“Anyone who has fallen in love knows how easy it is to get swept up in the romance of it all and let their heart rule their head, so we’re urging people to take a little caution when meeting someone new online.The best thing you can do to avoid being taken in by the wrong person is tell a close friend or family member before you get too involved so that they can support you and offer advice if you’re having doubts.“We also encourage people to check our ‘date-safe tips’ before meeting a potential partner and take the time to find out if their match is genuine or not.If you’re meeting up with a date you’ve met online, always tell someone else where you are going.“Never give money to people you meet online, no matter what emotional sob story the person uses.” Andrew Mc Clelland CEO of the Online Dating Association said : “People spend much of their lives online, communicating and meeting new people via dating services or social networks.

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